Mediterranean Sandwich Company: The Flavor Impaler

April 28, 2011

The Italian Job, The Middle Easterner, The Mexican American; all sound like movie titles rather than sandwiches…until you read the descriptions under the titles. All of these are just a few “sandwiches” that the Mediterranean Sandwich Company has to offer. Instead of the MSC (Mediterranean Sandwich Company) restricting their culinary concoctions to the Mediterranean region, they branch out and marry those with the flavors of the world!

The Many Awards MSC has received

Matt and I experienced some of those sensational flavors yesterday. I love meeting Matt for lunch. He works downtown and is surrounded with SO many good lunch options. Plus, yesterday was Brown Bag in Beinville complete with a live brass band. However, because of the strong winds, we did not partake in the outdoor festivities. Instead, we hung out at the little bar along the wall in the MSC. Even with all of the options downtown, every time we have lunch together, MSC beckons me home. When I don’t go there for lunch, I feel as though I am cheating! (ha ha)

The Store Front (Help Wanted) - They are hiring right now, fyi.

When you arrive you will see it’s not the biggest of shops, but that’s part of its charm. You have options to sit at the bar or at a round table in squishy vinyl chairs. Dining outside is always an option as they offer outdoor seating, or you can walk about 75 yards to beautiful Cathedral Square. When you walk in you will see seating on either side of the restaurant. Then, you will see the “preparation station” and register. The menu is to the left and is very informative about the various wraps, salads and flatbread sandwiches. Usually, the owner’s wife is running the register. She is very sweet!  They are happy to make substitutions and will leave off any ingredient that you’d rather not have. I am pretty picky, so they are always very accommodating when I request substitutions and eliminations :).

Greek Chicken Wrap

Because I am trying to lose weight I wanted to keep it healthy, but got a little weak in the knees when I thought about my favorite wrap. I totally caved. It wasn’t totally unhealthy. In fact, it was basically a salad in a wrap. The Greek Chicken Wrap is its name and it’s normally on the summer menu, which will be back in May, but Vlad (Head chef & owner at MSC) was happy to make it for me substituting the cold chicken (from the summer menu) for the warm. It tasted just as good and fresh as ever. The only contraband calories would be the oh so yummy FETA RANCH (That’s right) and the feta cheese. The rest of the ingredients included lettuce, tomato, cucumber, purple onion and chicken. The actual tortilla, in which it was blanketed, was also the culprit of bad calories… but I told myself I had flex points and just this once would be ok to use them.

Greek Chicken Wrap + Spinach/Tomato Orzo

Each wrap or pita comes with a side. Well, here again I caved under my belly’s pressure. I could have gone with a side salad but I had not tasted the delicate orzo pasta that almost melts in your mouth since before January, so I allowed myself the spinach and tomato orzo. It’s very creamy and delicious. Honestly, I’ve never really had anything like it before. So if you are looking for some innovative flavors, MSC is the place to go! Another, very flavorable orzo is the Bacon Carbonara. If you like bacon, you will LOVE this orzo! Don’t just take my word for it… try it because it is hearty and delicious and truly a comfort. It will only be here until May because then the Lemon Cilantro Orzo and the Cold Spinach-Tomato will be back. Both cool and refreshing!

My husband discovered MSC the second week they were open and we’ve been loyalists ever since. Until recently, Matt would go almost every single day and I would join him about once or twice every week. Even though we didn’t want to, we had to cut back. Because of Matt’s frequent patronage, he has probably tasted EVERYTHING that the MSC has to offer… including the items on the summer menu. Yesterday, he had The Middle Easterner. It’s composed of rotisserie beef/lamb, hummus, spinach-tomato orzo and fresh cucumber. I tasted it and it sings of savory mediterranean flavors. The orzo on the wrap really adds a nice texture. For his side, he got the vegetable rice with sweet chili-teriyaki glaze on it. It makes for a sweet and tasty treat and complements any of the items on the menu.

The Middle Easterner + Vegetable Rice

Vegetable Rice

I would say the only downside to the MSC is the location and the hours but the good news is that MSC WEMO is coming soon! In fact, it is going to be opening up where our friend The Hungry Owl is currently located, on the corner of Schillingers and Cottage Hill! I will have to double-check but I think the WEMO location’s hours will be more accommodating to the evening crowd. I understand that Vlad closes early on weekdays because everyone goes home and few actually stay downtown for dinner. Hopefully the second location will have evening hours because I’m pretty sure I could eat MSC 3 times a day!

If you want to try something new but might be hesitant to try Mediterranean food, you can always opt for one of MSC’s Mexican, Asian or American style wraps! And if you aren’t like me, and won’t cave, you get a salad. Their salads are AMAZING! Be sure to try the Greek Salad with feta ranch (on the side, of course). You won’t be disappointed. They also have happy vegetarian dishes, for those non-meateaters!

For more information, visit their website: and happy eating!

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